Ashley Maina is a mastery-level transformational coach for women, experienced yoga teacher, and an advocate for women feeling at home in their body.  Ashley is here to help you 'Turn Yourself On'.

Through digital programs and 1:1 coaching she guides women back home to their desires, feminine nature, and the core of who they are and how they want to feel.

Ashley believes that when a women is turned on (to life!), everything shifts; relationships deepen, happiness is restored, and a sense of wholeness is attained.

Through Ashley's programs and coaching, you will learn how to connect to yourself, your truth, and gracefully let go of blocks and unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 


YOGA - Newly postpartum and want to re-connect to your core? >> join us here

As a practitioner and teacher for over 10 years, Ashley is trained in Hatha Yoga, Sensual/Tantra Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Emotional Wellness, and is a candidate for a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification. Ashley is passionate about teaching women the power of "Turning Yourself On" and the connection of pelvic health and happiness.

COACHING - Looking to re-pattern outdated beliefs, heal dysfunctional habits, and move beyond fear with ease?  >>> email Ashley here to schedule a breakthrough call [email protected]