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Why it's hard to activate your Feminine Energy

Jan 05, 2023

So you want to activate your Feminine Energy this year? Here's why it may feel difficult.


The energy of the Feminine is all about play, space, slowing down & savoring.

Yet as Woman, and especially Mothers, the record may quickly scratch as we try to step into our Feminine Energy of play and this fantasy of being a free, wild, and turned on woman feels out of reach - why?

It's hard to feel that play and joy is accessible, when we are stuck in our seriousness and over-scheduled, spread too thin, or doing too much life. And then layer on the un-processed grief, sadness, and rage that has not been cleared recently (or perhaps ever) and it's no wonder you're struggling to access joy and play. You can't take a magic pill or flip a switch and "be in your feminine". And perhaps that's why it feels so alluring - because deep down we know that there is true work to be processed in order to feel the riches of the feminine.


Below are 3 practices - or precursors - to help you clear the space to be in your feminine in the future.


#1: Let it Out


So often we are living from our depleted masculine energy without knowing it - doing more, planning more, checking off more boxes and living on autopilot. This can also result in not connecting with ourselves and stuffing it all down.


Let it out by holding a pillow (I find a small throw pillow works best) over head and slamming it to the ground with both arms as you exhale with an open mouth and say HAH. Repeat repeat repeat until you feel energy shift.


#2: Create an "in breath/out breath" rhythm for your day instead of go-go-go


Start to notice when you come to 60 or 90 minutes of doing something to give yourself a break - and let the break balance the previous activity. So if you were working for 90 minutes, give yourself 15-30 minutes of play/flow/creativity... think of it as an in breath/out breath.


#3 Masculine Structure allows Feminine Flow


Are your days running you? Do you get to the end of the day and wonder what happened?

Take 30 minutes on Sunday and plan ahead for the week - putting structure in place both for the needs of daily life AND to be in your feminine flow. Maybe that looks like an hour each night where you commit to doing something for yourself - such as a home yoga flow, or voice activation, or a sensual movement practice, or embodiment exercises (see this post for a list of 20 ways to nurture your feminine). Allow the feminine to choose what feels best in the moment, yet provide the structure for it to happen (ie the hour commitment each night).


These three practices are starting to create S P A C E in your life and Self which will then pave way for the feminine in the future. Stay tuned for the next blog post on how to activate your feminine now that you've worked through the blocks.


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