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A Ritual For Making Space

Dec 30, 2015


It fuels everything we do.  It pulls us, moves us, tempts us toward what we want (even if we don’t have clarity, something, at some level, is pulling us toward something … good).

I’ve found that in order to be more purposeful about my desires and wants … in order to move towards them and BE them it takes clarity and focus.  And in order to have clarity and focus, it takes a great amount of space - space in our minds, bodies, schedules, and physical environment.  Because we often make space for everything and everyone else first .. the laundry, the to-do list … and then the day is over and pleasure has been put off once again. (More on that in an upcoming post)

So … we need space in order to open to and allow for, our [purposeful] desires.  Below is a ritual I have to make space in my mental and emotional body.  I will do it in the morning or mid-day.  I will do it with one word answers or with a couple pages per prompt. And hand-written, always.


To making space … enjoy and let me know how it felt.





A Ritual for Mental Space
Write out these six words out and simply answer them … let it flow, let what wants to come out, out.  Notice how you feel afterwards, notice where you now have space!


What do I need to/want to ::









(note - I thought this exercise came from Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, but once I looked that up, it seems I picked this ritual up somewhere else.  If you know the original source, please let me know so I can give someone credit!)

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